Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Blue and White Church Anniversary Cake

This white and blue themed cake with sugar pearls was made for the Celebration of 100 years of Ministry in Gardiner Church of Christ. Design logo was by MOS Design Creative. The cake flavour is Mocha Sponge with Mocha SMBC and Dark Chocolate Ganache. It was loved by everyone :)

Little Mermaid Cake

This Under the sea cake is made for my hubby's colleague's daughter birthday. Halle is turning 6 and her birthday is the same day as her mummy, which i found very amazing! Lol... The cake is Vanilla Butter Cake with vanilla SMBC and white choc ganache. All decorations were handcrafted and edible.

'Thanks so much Novita. This cake was so amazing!! You did a fantastic job! The cake tasted awesome! Everyone loved it.' - Bridget

Lego Movie Cake

I had fun making this Lego Theme Cake. Everything was edible and of course... Everything Is Awesome :) Cake was Lapis Surabaya with SMBC

"Thank you Ita. Joshua loves the cake & so did everyone who came to the party. The kids were delighted when I let them eat the edible Lego bricks Thank you." - Junny

Repunzel Tower Cake

Made this cake sometimes ago for my lovely client's daughter. The base cake was Lapis Surabaya cake and the tower was made out of carton filled with lollies. The top part of the tower was Dark Chocolate Mud Cake and the roof were from ice cream cones.

This cake was really tall, in fact nearly 22 inch tall, so I had a central dowel as support. Although the dowel was quite thick, the cake shook a bit during the transportation. I guess next time I should use dummy for the whole tower. I was happy though, as my client told me the cake was really nice and yummy :)


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Beer Bottle and Glass

Made this Beer Glass and Bottle birthday cake for my awesome husband. It was his birthday and our 14th wedding anniversary yesterday. He was so surprised to see this when he got home from work. He had no clue that the construction i prepared was for his birthday cake. He even helped me drill the board :) 

This is my first attempt of making a gravity defying cake and boy...what a great feeling once it was completed! Inside is a dark choc mud cake.

Dark Chocolate Mud with dark choc ganache

Thomas Train Cake

Thomas Train Cake for little Sean who turned 2 last weekend. I love creating this cake, as the client gave me the reign on the design.  Dark chocolate mud cake with dark choc ganache. inside. All handcrafted and edible :)

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Lace Wedding Cake in Brown Ombre with Sugar Peony

Love making this wedding cake. The lace was edible and my first attempt too in making it :) I used brown ombre coloured fondant for each tier to make it look more elegant.


Stencilled Wedding Cake with Sugar Peonies

Stencilled Wedding Cake with peonies. I used stencil for the border pattern then hand painted it to give more vibrant colour. The cake was also lustered all around with white pearl dust. Love the soft orange colour in this cake :)


Smurfs Fondant Cake

I really had fun making this Smurf Village Cake. The smurfs and all the decorations were hand crafted and edible. The client requested a mommy smurf being a black haired lady, a daddy doctor smurf wearing glasses and stethoscope, and the baby smurf holding a bottle. The mushroom house was also a cake - Dark choc Mud. The green square cake was a Green Tea cake.

"The cake's gone in no time & everyone totally loves it. Thanks very much for doing it Novita. U make me feel like today's my birthday :)" Michelle

Giggle and Hoot Fondant Cake

This Giggle and Hoot cake was inspired by Simply Cakes Melbourne. The client asked for this design for a birthday girl. So I added some flower buttons to give it a girly look :) Cake is White Chocolate Mud with white chocolate ganache.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hawks Guernsey

This cake is for the fan of Hawthorn AFL team. It was a Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese fillings.

"Novita, Thanks for the cake. It was perfect. Decoration and cake 10/10. I bake a lot myself and am fussier than the average person when it comes to cake and the cake was GOOD." -Kristine

The Wiggles Car

This is a cake for The Big Red Car fan. Everything was edible. It was a Lapis Surabaya cake with SMBC.

"We loved the cake. The decorations were amazing n the taste was so delicious. 
Cant wait for our next order. Thx." - Meiliana

Thomas Cupcakes

I made these for my son's birthday at kindy. These cupcakes were vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. I got these edible image toppers from the local cake decorating shop. My kid's friends were really happy to get this cupcake :)

End of Year Cupcakes

These Cupcakes were ordered by a Child Care Centre called Kids World. It was given to their students who graduated from Kinder 4. The children were so excited to receive this as their end of year gift.

"They loved it , thank u heavenly d'lights :)" - Patty

King of The Railway Cupcakes

Thomas & friends: King of the railway themed cupcakes - chocolate cupcakes for Christopher who turned 4.

Blue Sequins Wedding Cake with Ruffles

This year, Cakeriffic Expo held a Cake Competition for Beginner, Novice, and Intermediate Level. 

This was my entry for the Novice Level (a cake decorator for more than 2 yrs). Although it didn't get selected as a winner, i'm glad that i could showcase my creation at one of the biggest cake expos in Melbourne. 

This fashion inspired cake has sequins that cover the top tier and thin frills with silver lustre edge on the bottom tier. The flower was made using the techniques i recently learnt. The board was also embossed with flower patterns and brushed with pearl lustre. 

Peppa Pig Cake

The client of this cake had her family ordering a cake from us for the past 3 years. This year Mikayla wanted a Peppa Pig themed cake. The design was based on the invitation. The buntings were made from edible paper with fondant. All the figurines were handcrafted and edible. It was a Lapis Surabaya cake with strawberry jam.

"Thank you Novita for a really special cake. Everyone really enjoyed it, especially the birthday girl. Loved how it looked and tasted. Keeping the cute figurines for sure." - Monica

Cupcakes for Winy

This cupcakes were made for Winy, a girl who falls in love with Korea. Her friend gave this as a surprise birthday gift. There were Winy and her husband wearing Hanbok, a traditional Korean outfit, a Korean flag and Running Man logo (a Korean variety show). There are also a few things that Winy loves - Bible, coffee, make up, her Conan comic, baking and her Red Toyota Fiat. The flavour was Coffee Cupcakes with coffee SMBC.

"Lovely cupcakes. Those are to die for." - Winy

Elephant Cake

This cake was ordered by my former neighbour. Her 1yo Blake has elephants everywhere in his room. She gave me the freedom to create any design, that will match the colours of the party decorations and the invite. I came up with this chevron design on the side of the cake, which I think look really good to go with some spots and stripes :) It was a 10 inch Dark Choc Mud with dark choc ganache. The cupcake on the base board was also a real cupcake :)

"Hi novita! The cake looked and tasted absolutely amazing! Everyone commented on how great the cake was and that it was delicious! Thank you again " -Anita

Minecraft Cake

This was a dark chocolate sponge cake with white chocolate ganache, ordered by the grandma of the birthday boy Billy. She requested a pretty simple design of  a Minecraft Cake, and she was so happy with the result and the taste.

"The cake was delicious Novita, so moist. Billy was so excited when he first seen it . It was enjoyed and admired by all, thanks again for creating such a beautiful cake." - Heather

Thomas and Friends Cake

I had so many requests of Thomas and friends cakes. They look cute but quite fiddly to make i must say. After making them many times, i got better though :) The thomas and fiery flint were from fondant. James and Percy were real toys, as requested by the client. It was a Lapis Surabaya Cake with SMBC and dark chocolate ganache. The client was so ecstatic to see the cake when she picked it up :)

Angry Bird Cake

This angry bird cake was a Lapis Surabaya Cake with smbc and strawberry jam. All the angry birds were handcrafted and inside were styro balls. The colours scheme were requested by the clients.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Suitcase Cake

This Suitcase Cake was made for Cloud, who turned 1. What a unique name, and I guess the theme really suits him :) A suitcase with a plane on top :) It was a red velvet cake with cream cheese fillings.

"Thanks Novita. Everyone said it was the best first birthday cake ever!! " - Donna

Monday, 26 May 2014

Stripes and bow

This is a Dark Chocolate Mud Cake that I made for people at my church, who celebrated their birthdays in May. It took pretty long to do the stripes, but was happy with the result :)

Sunday, 18 May 2014

2 Tier Wedding Cake with Camellia Roses

I had a private lesson with Patricia from Yummy Cupcakes and Cakes Sydney on the weekend. I had been so excited to learn from her, as she is the master of sugar flowers. I loved how I'm finally able to make this 2 tiered wedding cake, with perfect and smooth sharp edge, lustred finish, and also these big camellia roses were really stunning! I never thought I could accomplish this, but I did it! Yay..:)

Frozen themed Cake

Frozen is a very popular theme at the moment. This was ordered by a girl who had her party here in Melbourne. All the figurines were real toys, so she can bring to her home country :) It was a white choc mud with white chocolate ganache.

Gift Box with Embroidery Lace

I made this cake especially for my sister's birthday. Been wanting to try doing the embroidery lace, and it turned out pretty well. It was all lustred with pearl dust. The cake was green tea sponge with vanilla smbc.

"The cake was absolutely delicious!" - MIa

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